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Post Office Box 21243, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32815-0243

September 15, 2021

Dear National Space Club Florida Committee Member,

Destination Space 2020 was another huge success with more than 5,500 Brevard Public Schools sixth graders and their science teachers participating in the program. All of us with the National Space Club Florida Committee (NSCFL) can take great pride in knowing that we initiated this program and, through the generosity of individuals and companies like your, have contributed $425,000 towards the program’s overall cost since its inception.

Destination Space 2021 will be conducted again this year in a similar format as last year due to COVID-19. Students will participate in a 7-day countdown to Launch Day, with lessons and hands-on activities related to Living and Working in Space with a focus on Mars. Day 8 (November 3rd) is “Launch Day” where each student will design, build and launch a water bottle rocket. Students will also participate in “Post Launch” Days 9 & 10 where they will be designing and planning how to colonize Mars. Once again Jim Kennedy will narrate videos on the space industry and importance of STEM and all students will watch an IMAX movie. Other activities will include a virtual tour of the space center and a pre-recorded presentation from a scientist, engineer or astronaut. Sounds like another fantastic Destination Space program!

From the beginning, funding for this important program has come from outside Brevard Public School’s operating budget and is dependent on contributions from the community. The NSCFL will financially contribute to Destination Space based on contributions received from the aerospace community. Funding also comes from the Brevard Schools Foundation, which seeks support from the community at large, and through possible grants that match funding from private industry.

Destination Space has proven to motivate our school administrators and teachers to increase emphasis on teaching math and science, as well as stimulating student interest in those subjects. Our classroom visits also will provide students with leadership and inspirational tools that will tie everything together.
On behalf of the NSCFL, we are requesting our community’s financial help once again. All contributions to the NSCFL (a 501c3 entity) will go directly to Space Week. Contributions can be made online at or by mailing a check to:

National Space Club Florida Committee

P.O. Box 21243

Kennedy Space Center, Florida 32815-0243

There will be a Sponsor Day (virtual) again this year; date and time TBA. This year we are also requesting volunteers to share their knowledge with the students. If your company wants to volunteer, please contact Michelle Ferro at and Melissa Woods at


_______________ /s/ Don M. White Jr.

Pedro Medelius Don M. White Jr.

Chairperson Chairperson

National Space Club Florida Committee NSCFL Destination Space Subcommittee