Community Events

Stars, Stripes & Heroes @ Veterans Memorial Center

That Others May Live Foundation is planning an event at the Veterans Memorial Center on 10/22/19 and is looking to get the word out! They will have a keynote speaker, and Major Cathleen Snow from Patrick AF Base will also be present.

That Others May Live Foundation provides support, scholarships, and immediate tragedy assistance for the families of United States Air Force Rescue Heroes who are killed or severely wounded in operation or training missions. Currently, they are raising funds to help with college expenses for those who lost a parent while conducting operational and training rescues operations. These funds are used to cover tuition, housing, books, computers, supplies and fees. Each student is capped at $20,000 per year and $80,000 for their entire education program.

Optics in Space @ Florida Institute of Technology

The Optical Society in conjunction with Florida Tech will host a Workshop on the Role of Optics in Space & Space-based Astronomy at the Center for Aeronautics & Innovation on the Florida Tech Campus.  This two day event (16 & 17 May) is organized by Florida Tech & the ISS National Lab, in conjunction with AFRL, NRL, AFRL, Harris Corp, Lockheed Martin, UCF, and the University of New South Wales Australia.  Speakers & Panels are listed here.

The Florida Tech Office of Research cordially invites you, your colleagues, students & associates to learn more about the Optics in Space  & Space-based Astronomy workshop at the URL below:

Registration is now open.