WIDSC Contributes to the Goals of the DoD STEM Strategic Plan

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the Components are invested in developing current and future STEM talent throughout DoD to meet its unique mission. This Department-wide STEM strategic plan, coupled with its follow-on implementation plan, provides an overarching framework for achieving the DoD STEM mission and vision. These are driven by Federal priorities while addressing and leveraging DoD’s unique mission, needs, and resources.

As an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), Women In Defense Space Coast (WIDSC) contributes to the goals outlined in the DoD STEM Strategic Plan FY2021–FY2025. Specifically, WIDSC attracts the Nation’s and DoD’s current and future STEM workforce through multiple pathways to educational and career opportunities, such as professional development programs, mentoring opportunities, and STEM scholarships.

Download a copy of the DoD’s STEM strategic plan and see more about what WIDSC is doing to support STEM in our local DoD community.

Our mission is to cultivate and support the advancement and recognition of women in all aspects of national security. We do this by providing our members a formal environment for professional growth through networking, education, and career development. 

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